31 Days to Loving Sensory Parenting

Today is the beginning of a writing challenge that I am taking part in. You write for 31 days on a single topic. In typical fashion, I wasn’t going to actually start writing until today.

But, what happened. Well, Miss Sensory woke up with a high temp and ended up staying home today. And out of all days, this was her first field trip for kindergarten. The field trip that had already got postponed the first time due to weather which completely thru her off. Now she had to miss it because she was sick. She literally told me that I’d ruined her life and this was the worst day ever. Yes, DRAMA QUEEN! So, no time to write today!

And here I am at bedtime sitting down to finally write this post for today. Some days I may fail and not get 31 days in. But here we go…

So, what am I going to be writing about for the next 31 days?
31 days to loving sensory parenting

It’s no wonder that today gotten thrown in there as I attempt this challenge. I’m completely freaked about writing on a single topic for 31 days. I don’t think I have that many words. But, what I do know is that in all the Sensory parent support groups that I am in on facebook (btw, if you aren’t in any on facebook get in some NOW!!!), I see mostly Mom’s, like me who are ready to give up. Who are at the end of their rope and don’t know what to do with the child they’ve been “blessed” with.

My heart breaks for them, because I have BEEN THERE! I have walked through that! I have made desperate phone calls after horrible days needing someone to give me a break. So along the way. I’ve learned quite a few things, that I am hoping to share with you. I am not completely there, but I have come along ways and I know that you can get there too!  That you can learn to LOVE sensory parenting. In all it’s hard, messy, chaotic, stressful, and unrelenting ways! So I hope you are following this month as we journey together!

Day 2: Building a Support System.
Day 3: 2 Things to Find When Looking for Support
Day 4: The Best Support.
Day 5: Be your own cheering section.
Day 6: Spark Joy.
Day 7: Thrive on Routine.
Day 8: Visual Map.
Day 9: Consistency is Key.
Day 10: Let Go.
Day 11: Sleep.
Day 12: When You Feel Overwhelmed.
Day 13: Own it.
Day 14: The Difference Your Attitude Can Make.
Day 15: Look at the Big Picture.
Day 16: Find Your New Normal.
Day 17: Become Your Child’s Expert.
Day 18: Do Things Differently.
Day 19: See Your Child’s heart.
Day 20: Getting Through Meltdowns.
Day 21: 5 tips to fight a Meltdown Hangover.
Day 22: It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Day 23: Failure is an Opportunity.
Day 24: 2 Tips for Advocating for your Child.
Day 25:  Not What You Expected.
Day 26:  Make Yourself a Priority (with one simple question).
Day 27: 5 Ideas to Make Self-care a Priority.
Day 28: Take a Day “Off” for You.
Day 29: Take a Day “Off” for Your Marriage.
Day 30: Take a Day “Off” for Family Fun.
Day 31: Take a Day “Off” for Your Child.

14 Days of Inspiration for Special Needs Parents.

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