Retail Therapy: Wednesday Edition

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I’ve found some great things on this week.  I’m starting to stock up on supper items to keep on hand.  It’s nice to have a bin full of small crafts and activities that take zero planning!

Bracelet Making Kits

These super cute bracelet kits are perfect for Miss S.  with an added fine motor benefit!

There are 4 different options and you can make 2-3 bracelets from each set for $7.49 plus shipping. 

Personalized Coloring Pillow Case

We love out of the box coloring activities, so I knew this personalized pillow case that you can color on, will be an easy win for a project this summer!

This would be an awesome party project or gift item.  There are 34 different styles you can choose from today on Jane for $8.49 each plus shipping.

Empowering Women Tees

I knew I had to have shirt, raising strong girls.  I have always loved the quote:  “Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.  

Multiple designs available with 15 different shirt color options available on Jane today for $13.99 plus shipping.

Nightlight Color Changing Glow Balls

The gradual change of 7 colors of soft glowing light will soothe them right to sleep. It also has a flat bottom to put on a dresser so it won’t roll off!  They are available on Jane today for $4.99 plus shipping.

Cheeky Door Mats

I just laughed when I saw all these door mats… I need them all!

Several unique and funny sayings for $21.99 plus shipping!

Happy Shopping!

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