Sensory Mom Secret’s Favorite Things.

 This is the post where I pretend I am Oprah and get to give you all my favorite things from this year… but I’m sorry I’m not Oprah, I still wish I could buy all these things for you.   Because these have all been really helpful to have in our house and my hope is that they will help you too.

The closest I can get to being like Oprah is that I have conveniently linked them to Amazon (affiliate) for you!  I’ve purchased every single item I have listed below from Amazon myself and I am so thankful to have them as a resource for special needs products!  Monkey Rings.

Monkey Rings :  Perfect for stop and go play (can’t hang on forever).  We use them for swinging into the ball pit, hanging upside down, pretend play (swinging across rivers, into pretend lands etc).

Ball Pit and Pit Balls : We have this jump-o-lene trampoline filled with 1800 balls and it is so much fun and so much chaos!  It’s great for hiding stuffed animals in and running and jumping in.

Cozy CanoeCozy Canoe :  A great place to snuggle in and get some proprioception.  Snuggle and read or watch TV.  Great for those extra wiggly days.  We often use this as a great place to build a sensory retreat in, stacking pillows on the ends and a blanket over the top.
Postural CushionPediatric Postural Wedge :  This is really helped us work on sitting at the table, during meal times and a for homework time.

body sox

Body Sox :  Great for proprioception!  We often play invisible with these, Miss Sensory pretends that she is invisible.  **safety note if you have wood floors in your house it can be slippery when walking in these**Visual Timer

Visual Timer : I love this thing!  It is really good for giving your child a visual reminder instead of just saying “In 10 minutes!”  Then they can see and know themselves how much longer, it puts them in control (sort of) and they love that!

Childrens Alarm Clock

Visual Alarm Clock :  We have used this for 3 years now and it takes some training but helps on most mornings to keep Miss Sensory in bed to a more sane time (6am).

Engaging Autism by Dr. Stanley Greenspan :  This book isn’t just for Autism and it was recommended by a psychologist we worked with this summer.  If you desire to connect more with your child I highly recommend reading this book again and again!

51CYXksQ3TL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Sensational Kids by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller :  If you are need of more information specifically regarding what Sensory Processing Disorder is and how you can help your child this is a fantastic read.  This book helped to give me hope when treatment we were currently doing seemed like it wasn’t effective.


B. Pop-arty Beads :  When you need a moment to get something done, I keep these on hand stashed a way just for those moments.  It stays new and exciting and is a great fine motor activity.


Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks :  This is another toy that I keep stashed away for moments when I need to get something done.  A great table activity that combines cognitive and visual abilities.

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Roll & Play or Move & Groove :  These are both super fun family games that everyone of all ages can enjoy.  I love the combination of active play, following instructions and cognitive learning.

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