Top 6 Sensory Toys for Home.

It can be a bit overwhelming looking at what to buy your sensory kiddo for home.  Between what will fit in your home and what your child will enjoy.  There is so much you can buy that may be helpful, but to save you time and money here’s my favorite in home sensory toys.

#1 Trampoline:   We have this in our living room and it was the best thing we have ever bought.  Miss sensory will jump on it constantly for long periods of time.

#2 Bosu:  Miss sensory loves to jump on the top of this (also great for tight heel chords from toe walking).  Sit and bounce on it.  Jump from it. It’s the best!

#3 Bike:   This is a must in our house.  Her bike has been rode more inside than outside {we have an open basement}.  Great for coordinating her motor development and having to push her leg muscles.

#4  Theraband:  Tied on the bottom of chair legs.  Perfect for stretching while sitting for meal times.

#5 Sofa:  Yes, your sofa!  Our sofa’s came with lots of pillows and make the perfect crash pads with the trampoline near by.

#6 Sandbox:  You can’t go wrong with this calming activity.  Easy to have outdoors, but when you live where it’s freezing cold most of the year you bring the fun inside!  Our indoor sandbox is 5 bags of play sand inside of a kiddie pool in our basement. Outdoors we have a sand and water table similar to below.

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