Some Days Are Magical…Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Some days are magical...parenting a child with sensory processing.

You know those days… the magical ones where it seems like your child is running on all 6 cylinders (functioning well)?

They happen few and far between but they are truly magical.

Instructions are followed.

Eye contact is amazing!

Directions are easily done.

Things are accomplished.

Life is delightful.

As a Mom you feel like you are winning! You are rocking parenting a Sensory kid!

They happen very rarely but in this sensory house we always say we wish we could bottle it.

Today was one of those days. As a mom, I savor it. I constantly remind myself during the day to take moments to use it the best of our time. Build a relationship, actually be able to have a conservation because it’s working. Back and forth communication and eye contact!

Tonight I was tucking her in and talking with her. As usual she was trying so hard to fall asleep but having a difficult time and when she finally did I was flooded with emotion.

How amazing today was and how overwhelmed with compassion I am for this beautiful daughter of mine. She faces the world that challenges her to function. How the world hurts her, the sound, the chaos. I stayed there, in that moment wanting to just fix it all with how much I love and adore her.

I may never truly understand what it’s like to live in her skin. But I am fighting with everything I am to be the most amazing mom for her. Hoping to equip her to fight through the tough days and relish in the magical ones.
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7 thoughts on “Some Days Are Magical…Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder.

  1. Yanique Chambers

    Beautiful! No matter what kind of day my little ones have, when I watch them drift off to sleep, I’m reminded of how precious they are. Here’s to hoping you and your daughter have many more good days. # R&RWednesdays

  2. Debbie

    If only we could make things right for our children with love, but knowing they are loved and excepted just the way they are gives them the strength and support they need to face each day and it’s challenges.

    Your daughter not only had a good day, but it ended in the best way too; being looked over by her Mum.


  3. Christine

    Yes, those days are few and far between, but they are SOOO good when they happen!! Life just seems so easy.


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